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Towns of Vranov


Bítov is a lovely village under the castle Bítov, a monument shrouded in myths and legends. It is also in close reach from the Vranov dam and the local well known camp, which is a generally popular place for a wonderful (family) holiday!
Where to go next?


If you are looking for a genuine South Moravian village, come to Chvalatice, where you will find everything that such a hamlet should have. Plus it's very close to the famous Chvalatická bay, a popular place for family water recreation acclaimed by locals as well as regular summer visitors. From Chvalatice you can also set off to Růžový vrch Natural Reservation, where you will have a superb view of the Vranov dam and Chvalatice itself.


Village Korolupy and its surroundings will set their guests ready for exploration. Along the way you'll not only encounter the typical Vranov nature, but also a number of chapels and Calvaries, which you can find in large numbers on the paths around Korolupy. You will simply feel the romantic atmosphere for which the Vranov region is so popular with locals as well as visitors from around the country.


Lančov is located right next to Vranov nad Dyjí and Vranov dam, so it is not surprising that Lančov abounds with visitors, especially during the summer season. Visitors are lured by the pleasant swimming opportunities, which you can enjoy to the fullest in the local Lančovská and Stříbrná bay, offering a relaxed family atmosphere. In addition to the water activities of Lančov, you can also set off for the unique natural area Tisova stráň.


This village is situated in the protection zone of the National park and pure nature is indeed never far away. As a tourist destination, you will certainly fall for Lesná, since you can find a number of fabulous places, definitely worth visiting here – such as a beautiful wind mill or the local motorcycle museum. 


You will find this small town in the middle of nature near the floodplains of Želetavka River. Looking at the beauty of the local scenery, you can hardly be surprised that this unique area is to become a part of the forthcoming natural park. What is more, the surrounding nature offers many options for walks and hikes, which will take some time to get tired of.


Picturesque village Onšov can be found nearby the Vranov dam and Vranov nad Dyjí, wherefrom you can get here by the romantic Clary track, which continues to the favourite Clary prospect, also very close at hand from Onšov. When in the village, stop by the shade of St. Anne Chapel, a good place for medidation and relaxation before your next trip.


Oslnovice lies by the northern part of the Vranov dam, moreover, only a few kilometres from the nearby Bítov. It is therefore not surprising that, due to the proximity of the dam and also many historical sites, cottage settlements Farářka, Penkýřák, Chmelnice and Stušice have arisen here, attracting regular and new coming summer visitors alike.

Podhradí nad Dyjí

Podhradí nad Dyjí hamlet has only a few dozen permanent residents, however, the vacationists one can hardly count. What is luring them here? May be the view of the mysterious ruin Fernštejn, which is like a magnet for all the adventure hungry individuals. Aside from that, the marvellous water recreation, of course.


Village Podmyče is already visible from the Austrian border. It is thus great news, that the border crossing Podmyče-Feliing, previously connecting the two countries, has been newly reopened. Tourists on foot, bicycles and even skis will now have a chance to admire the nature of Vranov from both sides.


The picturesque village Stálky lies less than 11 km from Vranov nad Dyjí and it is set in beautiful landscape, formed by fields and forests, only a throw away from the Austrian border. The nature around Stálky invites for hiking and active spending of free time, whether you choose to go by foot or bike. 

Starý Petřín

Don't let yourselves be fooled by the name, for Starý Petřín is not a small village, it is three towns at once – Starý Petřín, Nový Petřín and Jazovice, which previously led separate lives, merging into one only later. For this reason, there are multiple of churches and chapel, great places to relax and think.


Town of Šafov is set in a typical rural landscape, with five major breeding ponds surrounding it. Apart from them, there also interesting sites, one of them being a large Jewish cemetery with a unique and hard to forget atmosphere. During your wanders, you can stumble upon more than 500 remaining tombstones.


Štítary belong to the oldest municipalities in Vranov and still retains its historical character. Therefore, the centre of Štítary is protected as a village conservation area. Apart from the town itself, visitors are attracted by the fabulous water recreation opportunities, resulting also in an area of local cottage settlements.


If you plan to come here by train, Šumná will most probably be your point of entry into the Vranov region. It is really worth the stop – mainly for those fond of walks and hiking, for Šumná is a virtual crossroad of many marked tracks in all directions, you only have to choose. We advise you to go to the nice ruin of castle Šimberk, which is progressively becoming a part of the surrounding forests of Podyjí.


You will sure like it in Uherčice. This village is typically Vranovian – with a pond in the centre and hospitable neighbours. There is also a hidden architectural gem – the vast Chateau Uherčice, currently not a part of mainstream tourism, but certainly worth the visit. Apart from the Chateau, which was influenced by Northern Italian Architecture, you'll get a chance to admire its pleasant park, made for resting after a demanding trip.

Vranov nad Dyjí

Picturesque town set on the Thaya River. Above it, rising on the rock like fairy tale lock is Chateau Vranov, and only a nibble away is the beginning of a National park. The renowned Vranov dam beach is just a few hundred metres away and the road to it is lined with restaurants and cafés.


A nice, proper town, this is Vratěnín, where you can find many restored sites, together with simply lovely areas that invite you to relax. Not accidentally has Vratěnín received a prestigious Village of the year award, and its centre is protected as a village conservation area.


Vysočany can be found near the western end of the Vranov dam, which makes it close for both swimming in the pleasant water and sightseeing in the nearby monuments, with beautiful nature all around. A point of interest for lovers of ancient history is mainly the Pallardi archaeological site of ancient fortification, which had been inhabited since the late Stone Age. There are also a number of former mills in the surrounding area, that give this landscape a touch of unique.


Zálesí is a calm and pleasant village with a name deriving from its location (English translation is Backwoods) – it is surrounded by forests from all sides. No matter which one you'll be coming from, you will certainly pass through the woods. This is the youngest municipality in the area (founded in late 18th century), one of its trademarks being a small restored belfry from 1948, a truly romantic site to stop by.


If you are looking for a quiet and romantic setting, yet close to Vranov nad Dyjí, monuments and swimming, come to Zblovice. And if you want to get to know not only the local countryside, but also the citizens, arrive in September for the traditional Feast celebration of schnapps, called Pačoky. In addition to degustation of the outstanding local Slivovitz (plum schnapps), also look forward to the parade of masks, comedy theatre skits and a traditional music band – all organized by the local people. Non-locals are gladly welcome!

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