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Sightseeing cruises

We are really proud of our sightseeing cruises. Somewhere else, the ship might be just another form of transportation, but here, every cruise is a rich experience. This is helped by the fact that many of our most important and beautiful monuments rise above the Vranov dam and the Thaya


river valley, so you'll have a wonderful view of them on your trip from Vranov to Bítov. And believe us, looking at Chateau Vranov, Castle Bítov or the ruin of Cornštejn from water level makes them appear even more majestic.


On your ship cruise, you get a chance to enjoy not only the view, but also special sightseeing matched with wine degustation of fabulous Moravian wine, with appropriate commentary. You don't have to sacrifice your sailing experience even if you came here as a cyclist. For your convenience, we've added a useful innovation – the possibility to transport bicycles.


Timetable of sightseeing and regular cruises can be found HERE.


Personal ship transport
More information here:
Tel.: + 420 773 141 323
Tasting cruises
More information here:
Tel.:+ 420 723 375 156
For more information on tasting cruises, please visit the pages of Znovín Znojmo.


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