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Castles and chateaux of the moravian-austrian Podyjí

Castles and chateaux situated at the banks of Thaya form a unique complex of castles and chateaux faithfully copying the flow of the river between the Austrian town of Raabs an der Thaya and Moravian Znojmo. Historically, this area began to take shape already in 7th and 8th century. This part of Podyjí was a place of conflict of the Avar and Frank empires, later a base area of the Hungarian expansion into Western Europe. At that time, the first
fortifications began to rise. On their footprints, Gothic castles were built later, as seen on the ruins hidden in the woody landscape of Southwest Podyjí. Some of them were lucky enough to get redeveloped later, thus expanding into forms of architectural jewels as we know them today, the chateau in Vranov nad Dyjí being one of the examples. 
Castles and chateaux of the Moravian-Austrian Podyjí just wait to be discovered. You'll find them scattered around a much broader area than the Vranov region itself. If you are a history lover, delighted by the atmosphere around hundreds of years old structures, you'll have something to admire. Just set off along the shore of river Thaya, through the stunning landscape of river canyons and frisky meanders in the midst of forests in Podyjí National park.
By the way, did you know that there are up to twenty castles and chateaux in this relatively small area?
Overview of the castles and chateaux of Moravian-Austrian Podyjí
Czech (Moravian) side Austrian side
Bítov Drosendorf
Cornštejn Eibenstein
Frejštejn Gaber
Nový Hrádek Hardegg
Police Kaja
Uherčice Karlslust
Vranov Kollmitz
Znojmo Primmersdorf
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