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These you must not miss. These are the reasons people go to Vranov. We have chosen the best of the Vranov region, based on recommendations of the visitors themselves. Enjoy!



Baroque pearl of South Moravia, shines from a steep cliff above river Thaya. Chateau Vranov attracts the attention of history lovers and cultural enthusiasts as well. Dip into the chateaus' spacious halls with their stunning decoration, or be delighted by a classical music concert in the chapel with a glass of wine from Znojmo in your hand. 

State Chateau Vranov nad Dyjí
State Chateau, Zámecká 93, 671 03 Vranov nad Dyjí
Tel.: +420 515 296 215 
GPS: 48.8925281N, 15.8113228E
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You must visit the Podyjí National park at least once. It is the smallest National park in our country, but it does not stop to surprise with its stunning views into the deep Thaya river valley and its diversity of landscape. Forests alternate with heather lands, romantic vineyards, meadows natural stone monuments near the roads. Sometimes you might feel like in a lonely primeval forest, other times you might appreciate the view of vast landscape. Have you ever heard of Ice caves? You can reach them most conveniently right from Vranov. 
Visit the Podyjí National park with a guide
Zuzana Solařová will guide you through the western part of Podyjí National park (including the Ice caves). It is also possible to organize a walk in the surroundings of Vranov (Vranov prospects).
To contact other guides, please visit the web of Podyjí NP Administration.
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Holiday in Vranov is a holiday by the water. The Vranov dam is a popular tourist destination for all of those fond of swimming. No wonder it is called the Moravian Adriatic. He, who has seen the vast surface of the water, felt its refreshing touch in the dam with the sun warming his body, laid on the sandy beaches and experienced the never ending stream of summer beach pastime with everything that goes with it, will agree. The main beach can be found just by the reservoir dam. Smaller beaches await you in the coves, some of them small enough to be completely empty when you reach them. 

Where can you go to swim in the Vranov region? Have a look at an overview of beaches and other options of water activities. 



Ships had always been a part of the Vranov dam. Here, shipping is not seen just as means of getting from one shore to the other, it is mainly an experience. A genuine experience engaging all your senses. Just imagine: you are sitting on a deck of a cruise ship with your friends, you see the passing scenery of land, forest, rocks and people waving at you, you feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, and a kind steward hands you a glass of refreshing rose wine. You really should not miss this. Newly, we also ship cyclists!
Ship transport on the Vranov dam
Ship Vranov – regular sightseeing circuit cruises
Contact and phone reservations +420 773 141 323 nebo na
Ship Victoria – sightseeing circuit cruises and degustation of Znojmo wines
Contact and phone reservations +420 723 375 156 nebo na
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Great choice for families with kids! Catle Bítov is a popular destination for many hikers. A fairy tale atmosphere will greet you as soon as you enter through the gate. Be ready for a scary torture chamber, an armoury, where you'll meet a knight on horseback, but also frightening stuffed beasts. The outdoor area of the castle is open for free and you can relax in the castle garden. Only a stone's throw away is a petting ZOO, where you can take pictures, pet and feed at will. 
State castle Bítov
State castle Bítov, 671 07 pošta Uherčice
Tel.: +420 515 294 736 
GPS: 48.9436492N, 15.7005878E
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It depends on what you want. Vranov is a region with an incredible concentration of monuments. From Chateau Vranov or castle Bítov you can go to the ruins of Cornštejn, where you will find a band of revived swordsmen fighting for victory in the local jousting tournaments. Alternatively, you can go to see Uherčice, which is one of the largest castles in the Znojmo region. Right across the Austrian border you can also visit the baroque Chateau Riegersburg or the Hardegg castle, located in the heart of the National park.
Here, nature is always at your fingertips as well. Vranov is a rural region with everything that goes with it - fields, meadows, forest roads, small chapels by the roadside, fresh air and home cooking. And if you like fishing, be assured that the local lakes and ponds are awaiting you.
If you prefer an active vacation, with sport being your passion, you simply must take a look at what we have prepared for you. When you get enough of water activities, you can try something more daring that will pump some adrenaline up into your blood.
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