THURSDAY 20. 06. 2024


Here, nature is never far away. Just pick a direction and you're in the woods almost instantly. It virtually does not matter where exactly you spend your vacation, around every village in Vranov region you can find beautiful, and most of all, unspotted nature.
The imaginary southern border of the Vranov territory is formed by the Podyjí National park, which indeed the smallest park in Czech Republic. However, insiders know of its many secrets. Open your eyes and see for yourself.
We recommend you to combine your hike with a stop at some of the beautiful outlooks, definitely including Clary's cross above Vranov nad Dyjí or White cross (Bílý kříž) in Vratěnín. Another attractive option is to link the hike with a visit to one of the castles, chateaus or ruins.
A very popular sport today is Nordic walking. Doing this sport, you will exercise up to 90% of your body's muscles. Try it in Vranov region. The visitors of Podyjí will specially appreciate the quantity of trails and a pole rental.
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