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Podyjí National park

The Podyjí National park is the smallest and youngest national park in Czech Republic. It spans over an area of 100 km² and offers many unique natural jewels, mainly the most well preserved and most untouched river valley in Bohemia – the Thaya river valley.
The Podyjí National park gives you a chance to explore it on 76 km of marked trail paths. Since we value our National park a lot, we would like to preserve its environment as clean as possible for the future. To protect these unique surroundings, the most valuable locations are therefore accessible only with accompaniment of a guide. They will not only walk you through the captivating highlights, but will also gladly share their knowledge of the local nature.
You can arrange your trip individually (find the list of guides here), or take advantage of the regular series of popular walks and trips, organized
annually by the park administration, with dates spreading evenly across all four seasons (dates of excursions and outings can be found here).

The most beautiful places of Podyjí National park


Braitava is a real jewel of the national park. It is the best preserved complex of natural forests, known also for its really unique rock formations. As a result of the area's virgin state, it is a nesting place of the national park's symbol – the black stork. Here, among others, you can find hunting lodge Lusthaus or prospect Heimatkreuz.

Ledové sluje (Ice caves)

These caves did not earn their name by accident. They are a labyrinth of rocks and caves where the temperature is always considerably cooler than the surrounding area. Due to these unique circumstances they sustain a small layer of ice inside, even in the midst of summer. The ice cave area is one of a kind considering the local fauna and flora as well. Visit both of these strictly protected places with the accompaniment of a guide.
Administration of NP Podyjí
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