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Wine of the region

Vranov is the north-western outpost of Znojmo region. And Znojmo region is famous for its wine, including such famous vineyards such as the Šobes vineyard in Podolí National park. Can you imagine yourself tasting a better wine than that from the heart of a National park?
Marrying your holiday with wine makes for a promising combination, as you will absorb our region with truly all your senses. Wines from the Znojmo region can be found around every corner. You can choose from the offers of restaurants, where you'll be recommended a good wine match to your gourmet dish, or you can indulge in dish tasting while on board of a ship, moving slowly along the Vranov dam. Food is also abundant at many cultural events or traditional feasts, which are happening throughout the year.

Other wine destinations in Znojmo region:

Tour of the Visitor's centre VOC Znojmo
The Šobes vineyard and information on wine degustation at the vineyard
Tour of cellars and vineyards
The unique wine with a lizzard from the Znovín Znojmo Company


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